PSYCHOPALA is an organization based on a common goal to develop the ability as a student to be able to have expertise in the organizational field and be able to take all the positive aspects that exist in all activities of love.

Through a series of psychology student congresses held at the UGM psychology faculty, someone took the initiative to spark a prototype of the outdoors activist at the UMS psychology faculty, he was joko wiyono, founder of CORPS PSYCHOPALA. Along with his friends “Bang Jack”, as he was called, tried to form the PSYCHOPALA corps on September 28, 1986. And why were they given a corps, because according to him the organization must be based on pride, dignity, and respect. After returning from the congress they established in the “nilasari declaration”, they tried to spearhead the establishment of the faculty mapala at UMS.

And after the psychopala corps became a pioneer for other faculties at UMS in the formation of the faculty Mapala, in other words the psychopala corps became the oldest mapala at this UMS. From there the beginning of the journey of the psychopala corps, psychology student nature lover. In addition to being a pioneer in faculty faculties, psychopala corps is also a pioneer in the founding of the theater in the psychology faculty, also IMM at the faculty level, this is a very big change and of course requires great sacrifice as well, so we as the next generation must uphold the big name corps psychopala in particular and the faculty of UMS psychology in general.

At first the psychopala corps journey did not yet have a clear form of development at first only in common hobbies, only in the form of camping, mountain climbing, and adventure recreation related to nature. Along with time, also arises a shared awareness, of the importance of organizational systems in which there is a development in the science of love and basic education system for prospective members of the psychopala corps, which is called LATDASPALA, which is the basic training of nature lovers.

In accordance with the passage of time and the development of the world of love and the development of the age, then as the next generation we are required to make changes and become students who are crisis in various fields. With these demands, psychopala is not only engaged in the field of love, but we are also engaged in the social, political, and cultural fields.

Until now psychopala is an existing and developing faculty mapala, despite many shocks and trials faced, but we try to survive and correct the mistakes that have been made. Psychopala never vacuum in the decade of 1997, due to the crisis of members, with full responsibility and great struggle, psychopala rose from adversity so as to create qualified human resources in the 1999 decade. This shows that we want to develop and exist in the world of love.

However, this did not last long because in the decade of 2005, psychopala was rocked again by a problem that made psychopala vacated, due to cleanliness. This was a challenge for the management at that time, so we had to fix it. With great patience, psychopala finally came back to life and show its existence.

Despite the shock and trials, it does not relax the spirit of psychopala to continue to exist and make achievements that carry the big name psychopala in particular and the name of the UMS psychology faculty in general. Achievements achieved include:

  1. Seventeen Summit
  2. Psychopala Open Mind
  3. Xpdc Bengawan Solo
  4. Kerinci Xpdc
  5. Xpdc Bengawan Solo – Tuban
  6. Jambore Orphanage Ex-Karisedenan Surakarta
  7. Mentari Wall Climbing Competition
  8. Wonosobo Cross-Country Competition

The above achievements are some of the achievements that have been achieved by psychopala in their existence, and there are still many others that have not been included, but the above interpretation is enough to reinforce that psychopala exists in the field of natural love, and also social community