Based on the meeting between the Psychology S1 Study Program with the Early Childhood Education Study Program at the Muhammadiyah University of Surakarta on Thursday, January 30, 2020. This meeting was attended by the Head of Study Program and the Department of Psychology S1 and the Early Childhood Education Study Program and then formulated several things, namely:

Psychology Study Program with PAUD Study Program will hold a twinning student meeting by inviting the leaders of the two twinning study programs to provide motivation and commitment to undergo the twinning program.
Problems related to PBM Psychology-PAI Program will be followed up:
a. Subjects with the same class, can apply to move the course schedule directly through the Head of Administration of the Faculty of Psychology, maximum at the end of the second week of lectures.

b. Arrangement of lecture schedule by PAUD Study Program to be able to arrange the course schedule taken by twinning students so that it is not held in one exam schedule.

3. In Semester 2 PAUD study programs publish transcripts that already accommodate the conversion

4. Psychology-PAUD Conversion Course (attached)

Students take MK in Psychology then convert MK in PAUD, except for certain MK, which must be taken in PAUD but can be converted to MK in Psychology (attached).

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