Thesis Administration Services The Faculty of Psychology has the main task as a thesis service media and a final project for Psychology students. The services provided are in the form of consultation and guidance on the steps of thesis preparation. The thesis preparation procedure can be seen as follows,

Thesis Flow

  1. Registration of Thesis Proposal to Thesis Administration Service
  2. Thesis Guidance Process
  3. Thesis examination

Registration of Thesis proposal to Thesis Administration Service

After getting the Thesis guidance card, the Thesis Guidance process with the supervisor can begin.
Special note:

  1. After registration to the Thesis Administration Service students get a WHITE colored guidance card. Every three months students must change the Guidance card to the Thesis Administration Service and get a card with a different color. If a student is late replacing the guidance card there are certain consequences.
  2. Twinning students will get a different card that accommodates guidance to two thesis supervisors from the Psychology study program and Twinning study program study partners.


  1. Thesis guidance can be started from the thesis proposal development
  2. Every student guidance must bring a guidance card and record every progress accompanied by the signature of the thesis supervisor
  3. Students can conduct research after obtaining approval from the Supervising lecturer, indicated by a “Letter of Approval for Conducting Research” signed by the supervisor. This letter can be downloaded at
  4. After getting approval from the supervisor, students can submit a research permit from the Faculty.
  5. After collecting research data, students who conduct “Quantitative Research” are required to conduct Data Analysis in the Data Process of the Faculty of Psychology. For students with “Qualitative Research, only submit physical evidence of data collection (for example: verbatim, recording interviews in the form of soft files and inserted into a flash disk).

Thesis Examination Requirements

Thesis examination requirements can be downloaded at by logging in using each student’s username and password.