THE LUGU TEATER was established for the first time in 1987, to be exact on December 23. at the Faculty of Psychology, Muhammadiyah University, Surakarta. The Lugu Theater was founded based on the ideas of the UMS Faculty of Psychology students as a forum for Psychology students to express creative ideas, students’ thinking and as a means of art and beauty lovers, especially those who smelled about the world of Psychology.

Teater Lugu has 7 Devisions, namely:

  1. Role Review
  2. Dance Division
  3. Music Division
  4. Pantomime Division
  5. Literary Division
  6. Production Division (TAP / Stage Artistic Design, Make-Up and Costumes)
  7. Painting Division

Creating innovative HR in ideas, Creative in Work and Excellence in Achievement.


  1. Fighting for the rights and obligations of management and members
  2. Establish solidarity and kinship between members, the management of the Lugu Theater
  3. Increase the creative power and creative process in each performance
  4. Improving the quality of appreciation of Literature, Music, Dance, Pantomime, Drama and Theater
  5. Establish cooperation between the Arts Community, in the creative and staging process
  6. Maximize theater basic training and potential in order to increase achievement
  7. Improving national and state life through education and training


  1. Big Production Stage (carrying out 2x big production stages)
  2. Incidental Stage (5x happening-art stage and Lugu Theater Birthday Stage)
  3. Routine Exercise for Members and Administrators
  4. Development of PKM AI / GT Writing
  5. Breaking the fast together
  6. PDH manufacture
  7. Lugu Member Dues
  8. Latdaspanter
  9. Inventory Tool Checking
  10. Training of making correspondence
  11. PPA Display Stage
  12. Making an innocent KTA