The Muhammadiyah Student Association (IMM) is an Muhammadiyah Autonomous Organization that operates in the field of preaching amar makruf nahi munkar. As Muhammadiyah’s representative among students, IMM is known as a cadre as well as a movement organization. The purpose of the establishment of the IMM is “to strive for the realization of Islamic academics who have noble character in order to realize the goals of Muhammadiyah”.

Almost in every Muhammadiyah College there is an IMM which is a place of existence to flap the propaganda wing of bonds. At Muhammadiyah University (UMS) itself there are various faculties, and in each of these faculties there is the IMM Commissariat, including in the Faculty of Psychology.

The IMM at the Faculty of Psychology was named the IMM Commissioner Al-Ghozali, who was formerly named the IMM Faculty of Psychology. Based on history that this commissariat has existed since 1983, but at that time still joined the Faculty of Geography until 1984. Then in 1985, the IMM Faculty of Psychology decided to stand alone. The change of name to IMM Al-Ghozali Commissariat was in 2003. It was given the name Al-Ghozali Commissariat because it was inspired by the great name of Imam Al-Ghozali who was a figure of Islamic philosopher and Sufism.

IMM Al-Ghozali Faculty of Psychology UMS has a characteristic called the IMM Basic Competency Tri, namely: Religiosity, Intellect and Humanity. It is with these characteristics that distinguish between IMM and other organizations. IMM Al-Ghozali certainly cares about issues surrounding religion, science and humanity. Therefore, this Al-Ghozali IMM should have participated in the success of the Muhammadiyah College of Muhammadiyah Chess in this UMS, namely Al Islam and Kemuhammadiyahan, Education, Research, and Community Service.

IMM Al-Ghazali’s achievements:

  1. Success in attracting students in cadre
  2. Relay for the development of the target villages in Jayan, Boyolali, Central Java
  3. Al-Ghazali leaders have arrived at the branch and dpd levels.