Is one of the student organizations in the faculty of psychology, DPM which means the Student Representative Council is a student legislative body. DPM has 4 main tasks,

Legislation function
Legislation is the main task of a board member because with this function a board member is able to channel his aspirations of the many legislative products created in one work period is one of the parameters of the success of the DPM.

Oversight function
DPM has an obligation to oversee the performance of executive agencies. It is intended that executive institutions work optimally and in accordance with the mandate of the people (read: students who choose).

Budget function
DPM evaluates the performance of UKM (Student Activity Unit) and BEM (Student Executive Board) so that the management of financial funds and the provision of budgets is based on the performance of these organizations.

Advocacy Function
The function of advocacy is carried out to convey complaints, input, suggestions and criticism of students to the university management so that the aspirations and problems can be resolved.

DPM has duties and authorities:

Establish student regulations which are discussed together with the Chair of the BEM which aims to get a mutual agreement
Discuss with the Chairperson of the BEM by observing the relevant institutional leaders in terms of giving approval to the student budget draft submitted by the Chair of the BEM
Supervise the implementation of student regulations
Give approval for political attitudes and views of the Chair of the BEM
Discuss and follow up on the results of the examination of student financial management and responsibility
Absorb, collect, accommodate, and follow up on student aspirations
DPM has several rights, namely:

The right of interpellation, the right to question the policies of the executive
Budget rights, namely the right to propose a budget
Questionnaire Rights, namely the right to gather opinions in addressing a policy
Initiative Rights, namely the right to submit student regulations
The student council consists of selected student representatives. A student representative has a mandate to accommodate and channel student aspirations to become a policy

Therefore, the student representatives are required to be sensitive in listening to students’ complaints and to be active in expressing thoughts to formulate a policy that will be enforced in the student environment. In daily practice, a student representative is demanded to be able to go down to accommodate the aspirations of the student as much as possible and pour it in a work forum in the form of meetings and the General Assembly.