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Handover of SK UKM & ORMAWA Faculty of Psychology UMS

The Faculty of Psychology, University of Muhammadiyah Surakarta has given a decree submission to UKM and ORMAWA on Thursday, February 6, 2020 in Room 2.6, UMS Faculty of Psychology Building. This surrender was given directly by the Dean of the Faculty of Psychology, Mr. Susatyo Yuwono to all general chairs of each organization under the scope of KAMAPSI. This agenda begins with recitation first then continues the remarks by the Vice Dean I of the Faculty of Psychology.

The following is the list of names of SK chairperson general chairs:
1. Yasma Hidayat (AL-GHOZALI IMM)
3. Muhammad Fibiyan Aflah (DPM FACULTY OF PSYCHOLOGY OF UMS)
4. Miftah Aulil Amril Sugiantoro (KSPI AL-QOLAM)
5. Hendi Yudatama (SUOF)
6. Sandhi Laksono Mandegani (PSYCHE)
7. Gibran Ardiastoto (PSIKOPALA)
8. Munisya (LUGU TEATER)

In her remarks, Mrs. Wisnu Sri Hertinjung advised all general chairmen to show themselves as students who have other advantages and to implement good behavior such as maintaining good manners wherever and whenever. (Maas)